So it’s been well over a year since I posted anything but again, people still keep coming and looking at my page. Weird…

Yes I’m still a paralegal and yes I still love the color purple. Many other things have changed – I’m now a foster mom and dabbling in art. When I say dabbling in art I mean that I’m teaching my self how to draw and paint. It’s been a fun experience.

I may try this blogging thing again. I know, I know… It seems like I say that at least once a year. Maybe this year it will stick?

Paula Deen – Shame on you!

So I just read that Food Network will not be renewing Paula Deen’s contract at the end of the month. Good for them.

And as for Ms. Deen, I’m sad to say I’m no longer a supporter or a fan of hers. There’s no reason for using that word or making those remarks to her staff in this day and age.  Society is trying to move past that time and to have her continue to use the N-word is shameful.

Maybe she’ll learn from this if enough people withdraw their support for her.  Most likely it won’t happen, but one can hope…

Annoying songs

Ever have one of those days where an annoying song is stuck in your head? Or worse yet, a commercial jingle? Yeah, I’m having one of those days. It makes it hard to draft documents for my attorneys because sometimes I find my self writing the words to the jingle in my pleadings.

Someone know how to make it stop?

It’s Amazing….

It’s amazing to me how many people seem to find my blog. I haven’t written anything on a regular basis in quite a while, yet people still seem to find my blog and actually stick around to read some posts.

Maybe all is not lost with this blog?

PurpleParalegal Redux

So I figured out I’ve been trying too hard on this blogging thing.  I’m trying to blog about topics that have been discussed and beaten to death with a steel rod.  There’s soooo many blogs that discuss what it’s like being a paralegal and there’s sooo many blogs that discuss the ups and downs of starting and owning your own business.  So It’s time to move on to something different and something that’s more “me.”

I’ve decided that my blog needs a fresh start and not to focus on any one subject.  One reason I stopped blogging was that I was frustrated at not being able to write posts I was happy with.  I felt like I was just recycling the same topics and it was getting boring.  I like writing and I like sharing funny stories or my opinion on different topics.  I think that’s what I need to focus on.  Sure there will still be a few things about working as a paralegal and owning my business but there’s so much more to me than just those two things.

Additionally, when I was trying to blog I always felt as if I had to be super careful about what I posted so as not to offend my employer.  Now that I’m my own boss, I don’t have to worry as much.  I’m still going to be careful in what I post; I have attorneys as my clients and don’t want to give the impression of violating confidentiality.

I think this makes the third or fourth time I’ve tried to “reboot” my blog and make it into something that I would want to read.  As it stands now, there are a few posts that are good, but many that are just kinda “blah.”  I figure if I write something I want to read, then others will want to read it too.

So here I go (again)…

Almost there!

So about a month ago I wrote that my big news was starting the process of adoption. We’ve decided to alter our course a little and become foster parents.If one of the kids we are fostering comes available for adoption, then we will pursue adoption.

I’m actually excited about being a foster parent. We found out that there is a shortage of foster families in our area and that led me and Hubby to rethink our decision to solely adopt. We finished our required classes last Saturday. The classes were interesting and I feel a little less lost about what to expect as a foster parent. I know that every child will be different and require different needs but I’m ready for the challenge. Once we finish some required paperwork then we should receive our foster care license and be ready to take our first placement.

I’ve been gathering simple things to put together a welcome box for the child so that they will have something all their own. I’ve also been looking at scrapbooking supplies and getting ideas to put together lifebooks. These books will be solely for the kids and is a fun way to record different events in their life while they are staying with us. Birthdays, holidays, school events, and other special events can be captured and put in the life book complete with the child’s thoughts and lots of photos. Can’t wait to start putting them together!

Big News

We’ve got good news to share here at PurpleParalegal. Hubby and I are starting the adoption process. It’s something we’ve talked about for a few years but we’ve finally decided to start the process.

I’ll share some of our journey as we go. Check back on a regular basis to follow our progress.